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Adventures of Perfect Difference 5 is a series of cartoon stories based on the day to day lives of two young men with learning difficulties and their three carers, (one of whom is me). Mark who is one of the carers has illustrated the book to compliment the stories.  Together we are Perfect Difference 5! In the book, readers can laugh and forget real life and travel into a planet called Planet Parklands.

You may also be interested to know that my eldest granddaughter Xenia Brettell, with whom I spend much time with, and comes into regular contact with these two men, has also written a short book of funny fictional stories about the lives and mishaps of these two endearing men. Essentially, it is from the perspective of a young child growing up with a sister who has Downs Syndrome, and whose Nan (me) works with people with disabilities, it is entitled ‘Life on Planet Parklands. I am sure you will enjoy it too.


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