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I am a very happy person who likes jokes and humour. I am easy going and like to mix and communicate with people of different nationalities, age groups and abilities. I love my job which is supporting two men with learning difficulties, as it allows me to put all my previously gained skills to good use.

I love my husband David and all our children, grandchildren, friends and relatives. And I love to make them happy and to see their smiling faces.

I have had a good education and extensive working experience working with disabled people, and my experience in helping to look after my second granddaughter Leeza who has Downs syndrome gave me the idea to organize some kind of project. It all began last New Year when I was looking through some of our old records and references on our working Calendars. I started to write short comedy stories about different situations that happened with the two men and their three carers which would attract adult humour.

I called my project “Perfect Difference 5”, and the title of my book is “Adventures of Perfect Difference 5”. The idea of this book is to make the reader happy, to encourage you to smile, to laugh and to accept each other as we are with all our differences and imperfections.

We are all in our own Perfect Difference, live on the same Planet and deserve to be treated equally.

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